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Youth Leadership Camp

In October 2018, MPCA donated funds to assist with a Youth Leadership Camp in Thailand. 

Hurricane Relief Fund 

In October 2017, MPCA donated to Global Giving Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund. 

Lunga Maternity Ward 


In February 2018, MPCA donated to Patience Mhlanga's project to help build a Maternity Ward in Zambia. 

Water for Community

In October 2016, MPCA raised funds from our PCP Lunch to support a community water improvement project in Vanuatu. 

Menstrual Health

In April 2018, MPCA donated to a Menstrual Health and Management Hub Training project in Nepal. 

Improved Gardening 

In April 2016, MPCA made a donation to support a project for improved gardening practices in Paraguay. 

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