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Board of Directors

Outreach Chair

Catharine Swan Buccowich – Cameroon 1983-85

Catharine served as a Community Development Volunteer in the rural area of eastern Cameroon. In the field, she identified villages in need of clean spring water and worked in collaboration with CARE International to improve access to clean ground water as an alternative source to contaminated river water.  She also identified land management needs and worked with local entities to meet those needs. Upon her return, she worked in Washington DC for an international consulting firm working with USAID on natural resource management projects in West Africa and Russia, went to graduate school getting a degree in Urban and Regional Planning, and then worked in the environmental field. In 2020, she moved to Milwaukee from Pennsylvania and worked in the health sector.  Catharine serves as the Milwaukee PC Association (MPCA) Outreach Chair, aiming to engage local RPCV of all ages to use MPCA as a resource and to serve as a network within the community and beyond. “My desire to live in a French speaking African country was a dream – a dream that came true through Peace Corps. I am forever thankful for my insight and drive to be part of Peace Corps”.

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