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The Lovely Ms. Katie

Ms. Katie (January 16, 1951 - February 18, 2018)

A few weeks ago we lost one of our own, Anne Leplae shares memories of Ms. Katie:

The last time I saw her, Ms. Katie was in a motorized shopping cart with a basket full of food for a party she was organizing for one of her 7 adopted children.

I would regularly see Ms. Katie attending mass or helping with Sunday school at All Saints Church - she was always surrounded by children. I would bump into her at fairs and farmers markets in the Milwaukee area at her very popular face-painting stand. Recently, Ms. Katie started attending French conversation gatherings at the Alliance Française to practice the French she learned while in the Peace Corps in West Africa. Once in a while, when it would fit her busy schedule, Ms. Katie would attend a Peace Corps event.

Even when life challenged her, Ms. Katie freely gave her love, time, and resources to children who needed an adult to care for and about them. I am not surprised to learn that she was a founding member of Comedy Sportz and a teacher for numerous organizations in the Milwaukee area.

Ms. Katie gave life her all, with a joy and passion that was unstoppable. She spread her love for life and people across the globe. We will miss her.

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