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Dear, Milwaukee Peace Corps Community,

2020 is already an unprecedented year for Milwaukee and our nation. With more than 100,000 Americans dead due to health complications from COVID-19, with over 40 million Americans who filed for unemployment, and with a resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement due to the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man and father, at the hands of Minneapolis police. 

In response to these challenges, the Board of Directors of the Milwaukee Peace Corps Association (MPCA) draft this statement to enforce our mission to promote Peace Corps ideals in support of our local and international development organizations in the Greater Milwaukee Area. We fully endorse local, state, and national efforts that work towards making our Milwaukee community a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive society. Our desired outcome for these efforts include, but are not limited to, improved public health through increased access to adequate health care, access to a livable wage for all, total elimination of systemic racism, and complete intolerance for biases of any kind. Furthermore, we want to encourage and reinforce peaceful yet decisive interventions that work toward the realization of these outcomes. As stated by Glenn Blumhorst, President and CEO of the National Peace Corps Association, “Fundamentally, those of us in the Peace Corps community embark on service as Volunteers to promote world peace and understanding. This is our world, right here. One where empathy and justice must guide us.”

How will we make these outcomes happen? MPCA will continue our mission to promote peace and equity in our Milwaukee community through our virtual social events, our community advocacy on social media, and our Grants & Giving Campaign(s). For more details on our efforts, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find out more. We understand that realizing these outcomes will take time and is a continuous, on-going mission. We believe that together we can make a stronger, more unified Milwaukee which embodies the fundamental ideals of the Peace Corps. 

To contact MPCA directly, please email us at


In Continued Service, 


The Board of Directors of the Milwaukee Peace Corps Association

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