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Nominations for Adventurous Mailbox

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MPCA is a community of former and future Peace Corps volunteers and families who continue to promote Peace Corps ideals through cultural education and the support of both local and international development organizations. It also provides social activities and emotional support for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and those returning from abroad.

We have sold out of the 2015 Peace Corps calendars! Fret not, it is still possible to purchase them at retail price at one of our vendor locations. Calendars may be purchased at:
Fair Trade for All
8790 W North Ave
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Artisans of Morocco at Bayshore Town Center
5800 N Bayshore Dr
Milwaukee, WI 53217

2015 calendar



The deadline has been extended for nominations for the Adventurous Mailbox! See below for details.

The Adventurous Mailbox is teaming up with an anonymous MPCA Member to donate 10 Adventurer Packages to needy kids in the Milwaukee area. The MPCA Board is accepting nominations to select girls and boys in grades 4-6 to receive packages from abroad containing adventure books introducing world cultures, as well as ‘top-secret’ access to the educational and fun online community, Crameye’s World.

Andrew Bliss is the creator and founder of The Adventurous Mailbox.  When asked why he would choose to partner with a Peace Corps Association for charitable giving, he replied: “A sense of adventure and feeling of boundless possibility should be in every kid’s mind, regardless of situation.  People who served in the Peace Corps have lived through their own adventures helping others around the world and understand the value of such international, intercultural experiences.  ”

Please email your nominations to  Please supply the following information: 1) child’s first name, 2) school grade, and 3) short paragraph of why you think this child should be chosen.  Once winners are selected, MPCA will contact you for the child’s mailing address.  Deadline for nominations is October 31, 2014.  Winners will be announced mid-November.

For being such a great organization to work with, Andrew is offering a discount to the MPCA community for the month of October.  Use the promo code MPCA-RPCV at check-out to save $10 on the Adventurer Package.  If you want to give one Adventurer Package to siblings, an upgrade is available so that each child receives an envelop with their name and their own password to Crameye’s World on-line.

On behalf of MPCA, thank you to our anonymous member donor and to The Adventurous Mailbox for opening up the world to some of our local, less-fortunate kids.  The Adventurous Mailbox is “Inspiring kids to embrace the world and the people in it.”


We had a great time at the last social hour of 2014 last month. Thank you to everyone who came out! Stay tuned to hear about next year's dates. And be thinking of alternative locations for the "travelling social hours" of 2015. Remember that no RSVPs are required to attend these events.

Happy holidays!

Camp Mariposas (Camp Butterflies) received a $500 MPCA grant to support the camp, which is based on Peace Corps' Camp GLOW.  The camp took place during the first week of March 2014 and 24 women from three different communities were able to participate. Participants attended workshops and training on leadership and empowerment, building and maintaining healthy relationships, reproductive health, education opportunities and goal-setting among others. Upon return to their communities, the young women worked together to start community clubs to further educate their communities and teach what they learned during the camp. For more information and updates, please visit

Camp Mariposas

Happy New Year! Below you will find the newly-announced dates of the upcoming year. We will be having "wandering" social hours this year, so keep a look out for those locations. Keep checking in, because more precice times and locations will be announced. If there are any changes to be made, they will happen here as well.

Social Hour--Tuesday, February 4th, 7:30pm at the Oakcrest Tavern
Volunteer Sendoff--Saturday, March 8th, 10:30 at the Shorewood Village Center
Social Hour--Thursday, March 27th, 7:30pm at the Oakcrest Tavern
Peace Corps Partnership Lunch/Dinner (Latin America/Caribbean)--Saturday, April 5th - Location TBA

Social Hour--Thursday, April 24th, 7:30pm - Location TBD
NAMI Walk--Saturday, May 17th
Social Hour--Thursday, May 22nd, 7:30pm - Location TBD
Social Hour--Thursday, June 26th, 7:30pm at the Oakcrest Tavern
Summer Picnic--Saturday, July 19th, Lake Park
Social Hour--Thursday, September 11th, 7:30pm at the Oakcrest Tavern
PeaceCorps Partnership Lunch/Dinner (East Asia/Oceania)--Saturday, October 18th - Location TBA
Social Hour--Thursday, October 23rd, 7:30pm at the Best Place at the Pabst Brewery
Volunteer Sendoff--Saturday, November 8th
Social Hour--Monday, November 17th, 7:30pm at the Best Place at the Pabst Brewery
Holiday Ethnic Potluck--Saturday, December 6th