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Our Mission
MPCA is a community of current, former, and future Peace Corps volunteers and families who continue to promote Peace Corps ideals through cultural education and the support of both local and international development organizations in the Greater Milwaukee Area. It also provides social activities and emotional support for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, those returning from abroad, and the MPCA community. 

When: Saturday December 3, 2016 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Where: Arts @ Large, 908 S 5th St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204
Cost: Free!

Come one, come all!  Our annual membership meeting and holiday potluck is almost here! Show off your skills in the kitchen by bringing a traditional dish from another country.

CORRECTION: There is no entrance fee. Come with family, friends, and your best potluck spirit!



If there was ever a group of people of whom we could be relatively certain how you are feeling this morning, it's our MPCA members and fans. We don't presume to comfort anyone or to commiserate, but as the leaders of MPCA, we feel an obligation to say this:


Our mission is " promote Peace Corps ideals through cultural education and the support of both local and international development organizations in the Greater Milwaukee Area." To us, part of promoting Peace Corps ideals and cultural education means supporting and advocating for multi-cultural understanding and inclusiveness. In the morning light after the results of yesterday's election, it has become clear that many people fear this election is an approval and validation of every ideal spouted during the campaign that was sexist, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and generally closed-minded. These ideals are in direct opposition to the ideals of Peace Corps.


MPCA as an organization can do its part to exhibit American open-mindedness, inclusiveness, and hospitality by pursuing its mission. We can do our part--as Peace Corps volunteers do all over the world--to show solidarity with people of every origin and creed, with women, with minority groups, with refugees, with immigrants, with Muslims, and with anyone else who may feel that this election represents a rejection of their way of life, their person-hood, and their basic humanity, by the American people.


There are actions we can take here in Milwaukee, there are organizations and people here currently working to create communities of inclusion and mutual respect. MPCA can bring its membership to the fore, and we can spread understanding, open-mindedness, and peace through collaboration and partnership. We are not inactive in this realm, but we have become lax. We, your board of directors, already have ideas on how to get more involved, but we wholeheartedly invite others to send us their ideas as well. We know that together we can promote and build a community that is inclusive and peaceful.


Thank you for your support of Milwaukee Peace Corps Association, and stay tuned for opportunities to join us as we work to promote an inclusive and open community that values all people equally.




Board of Directors

Milwaukee Peace Corps Association

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