Milwaukee Peace Corps Association, Inc (MPCA) Grant Guidelines and Process

Purpose: MPCA is a community of former and future Peace Corps volunteers and families who continue to promote Peace Corps ideals through cultural education and the support of both local and international development organizations. It also provides social activities and emotional support for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and those returning from abroad.

MPCA makes small grants on a rolling basis throughout the year to organizations in the Milwaukee area and to Peace Corps Volunteer led/nominated projects abroad. (In general, grants awarded will be $500 or less)

Funding Application Procedures:  Be advised, the following criteria will be used for grant approval. To be eligible for a domestic grant, organizations/projects must:

To be eligible for an international grant, projects must:
Application due dates: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications must be received one week prior to MPCA board meetings, which occur every fourth Thursday of the month, in order to be considered for funding during that month’s meeting. The MPCA Board of Directors will review applications and make funding determinations at their meeting after having received a grant application.   Grantees will be notified of the decision within one week of the board meeting. The amount of time it takes for grantees to receive funds will depend on logistics. Grantees should expect to receive funds no sooner than one month from the time they are notified of the decision and will be requested to send a brief report and accounting of how funds were spent (due in one year). MPCA is not to be viewed as an ongoing funding source.

Questions should be directed to: MPCA Grants and Giving Coordinator at:


The grant application form is available here.

Your completed application form and attachments should be mailed/e-mailed to:

Milwaukee Peace Corps Association, Inc. (MPCA)
P.O. Box 511322
Milwaukee, WI 53203-0221