Board Meetings

The MPCA Board of Directors meets once a month. For meeting dates and minutes from past meetings, click here.

Board of Directors

PositionNameCountry of Service
President Chris Wilson Burkina Faso 05-07
Vice President Donna Eigen Mexico 11-13
Treasurer/Membership Coordinator  Anne Leplae Morocco 84-86
Newsletter Editor Celia Benton El Salvador 07-09
Calendar Coordinator Valerie Kurka  Tanzania 06-08 
Events Coordinator    
Grants and Giving Coordinator Meghan Jones Thailand 07-09 
Historian Paul Kinsley Turkey 65-67
Web Manager Meera MacDonald Zambia 09-11
Special Projects Coordinator Michael Farmer Nepal 63-65
Member-at-Large: Dzidra Benish Poland 92-94


If you are interested in joining the board, submit a copy of the MPCA Board Application. You can download it as either a PDF or Word file. We currently have an opening for Events Coordinator. Please apply if interested.