In May 2013, MPCA donated $500 to volunteer Tim Filipa (a volunteer from Fort Atkinson) and his project to build a new library for his school in Vanuatu. Tim has since completed his Peace Corps service and has emailed us an update on the work that was done for the project. See his email below:

Dear Milwaukee Peace Corps Association:

I am writing to thank you for your important contribution to the new library at Brenwei Primary School on the island of Malekula.  After starting construction in October 2012, I am pleased to say that the building has been completed and the library was opened to the public on November 25, 2013.    

Everyone at Brenwei School is very excited and proud of this new addition to the community and are thankful for your vital contribution. Thanks to your help, this library, the first in school or community history, is likely the largest library in the entire province and one of the largest in all of Vanuatu.  With your help the students and staff now have access to a variety of books and educational resources that few schools in the country have.  

Thank you very much.  


Tim Filipa

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

Vanuatu 2011-2013