When: Saturday October 10, 2009 11:37 am
Where: Ethiopian Cottage, 1824 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee

On October 10th our fifth Peace Corps Partnership Dinner was held at the Ethiopian Cottage, a traditional Ethiopian restaurant located at 1824 N. Farwell Ave. in Milwaukee; owned by Yigletu and Alma Debebe.

A total of $570 was raised by the dinner through donations and MPCA matching funds - a special thanks to Allegra Troiano who made an extra donation all the way from Colombia! After dinner, the group voted to fund $500 of a Community Granary Project in Cameroon. The project is headed by Wisconsin PCV (E. Bussiere). The total project cost was $7,995 of which approximately $2,800 remains unfunded. The project will fund the construction of a community granary so that local farmers can store their harvests.

The remaining $70 raised was donated to a Health Clinic Electrification Project located in Mali. This project was second in voting behind the Granary, and will provide a solar panel to a newly constructed community clinic. The electricity generated will give doctors and nurses the light needed to provide services at night - especially for delivering babies. Total project cost is $5,648 of which approximately $3,550 remains unfunded.

Private donations to these two projects, and many others, can be made online by visiting the "Donate Now" section of the Peace Corps website at: www.peacecorps.org.

We send a special "thank you" to Marquette Trinity Fellows for sharing the evening with us. We hope they stay in touch with the MPCA, and that they will not hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do help them with their acclimation to Milwaukee life.

Please watch our website for the next PC Partnership Dinner event to be held in March 2010 (region supported, location and time to be announced). As always we are open to suggestions for suitable ethnic restaurants and/or event ideas. Send us your thoughts: info@milwaukeepeacecorps.org